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In the fall of 2015, the Telluride Mountain Club (TMtC) initiated the Telluride Regional Trails System Vision Survey. We collected nearly 400 responses from locals, second homeowners and visitors regarding their vision for the future of Telluride’s trails. Over the course of the past two years, TMtC has analyzed these results to put together a trails plan for our region.

We now have 7 different trails that we would like to propose and we need your help ranking them by importance to you. Once we have this data, these trail proposals will be submitted in order of importance to the USFS, San Miguel County, Town of Telluride, and other private property owners.

Once you look over the trails proposals below, please help us by filling out our ranking survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PBQGF99. Click on the map to view the proposal in a larger format.

Deep Creek Reroute

The Telluride Mountain Club is proposing a reroute of the west end of the Deep Creek Trail in order to preserve the land surrounding the current and proposed trail, and to create a trail that accommodates multi-use and ability levels.

Eider to Mill Creek Connector

The proposed Eider to Mill Creek Connector Trail would connect the the lower Eider Creek Trail to the beginning of the west end of the Mill Creek Trail, thus taking recreation users off of the Mill Creek Road and creating a new link/connector trail option.

Mill Creek Bypass

The proposed Mill Creek Bypass Trail is primarily being proposed to keep bicycles off of the Jud Wiebe Trail and secondarily to create a new section of trail connecting the established Mill Creek Trail to the bike path parallel to HWY 145.

Perimeter Trail

The proposed Telluride Perimeter Trail would meander from the Town of Telluride’s Union Placer Trail (stems from Telluride Town Park) to the San Miguel County’s (SMC) Kentucky Placer Trail, to a new “Umbrella Wall Trail” on United States Forest Service (USFS) and SMC Land. This section would then connect to the existing primitive trail that extends from the south corner of the Bridal Veil Falls Road. A short section of new trail would also be proposed to connect from this existing primitive trail and meander north-west along Bridal Veil Creek. Finally, there would be a section of trail along the north side of the valley, below the Via Ferrata, that would connect the Bridal Veil Falls Road to the Marshall Creek Trail Connector.

West Valley Floor Meadows Connector

The Telluride Mountain Club is proposing a new connector trail on the west end of the Telluride Valley Floor that would connect the established Meadows Trail with the west end of the Telluride Valley Floor Trail thus eliminating the need for bikers and hikers to cross HWY 145.

Galloping Goose to Sunshine Trail Connector

The Telluride Mountain Club is proposing a new connector trail in the Ilium Valley that would link the popular Galloping Goose trail to the popular Sunshine Trail (T35) and a spur trail section that would connect this new section to the Sheep Corrals.

Two Rivers Galloping Goose Connector

The proposed Two Rivers Galloping Goose Connector Trails would meander from the entrance of the Two Rivers neighborhood to the existing Galloping Goose trail and a second section would connect from this trail to County Road 63L across from the Mary E Ilium Campground. Additionally, there would be a section from the parking area across from the Two Rivers neighborhood to the Mary E Ilium Campground. Both trail sections that go to the Mary E Campground would then meet and cross the river to the existing Galloping Goose Trail.

Do you have feedback for the Telluride Mountain Club? You can reach us by emailing telluridemountainclub@gmail.com.


  • Renato Maero says:

    Mill Creek Bypass. This is a great option to keep both hikers and bikers happy, thumbs up.

  • Lois Major says:

    Great work on the propsed trails! All the options look fantastic and can hopefully become a reality in the near future. Thanks for your efforts.

  • Jonathan says:

    This work is commendable and appreciated. We need more biking specific trails that have a reasonable grade to help neutralize the inherent steep terrain in Telluride.

    The Deep Creek reroute would take an established longer trail and really make it more enjoyable. The Eider to Mill Creek connector is also a great idea. The Mill Creek bypass would open up a new great option from town on the sunny side – which makes sense. It would help recreate some of the familiar trails with new options.

  • Mark Plantz says:

    Great routes for all trails. I like the Eider/Mill connector and Deep Creek re-route. Would like to see another trail between Deep Creek and Mill,running parallel. It’s the last piece of continuous USFS land without private and mining parcels in it.

  • Mark Plantz says:

    Also would like to see a slight re-route of the Highline trail that would cut out the Wilderness part and allow biking. May involve a bit of a Bike-a fermata, but is feasible. To not be allowed on the entire trail because of less than a mile of wilderness is unfair to mechanized users.

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