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Help us by reporting Telluride’s trail conditions and maintenance needs!

The Telluride Mountain Club will be continuing its trail maintenance program that will help supplement and support the USFS (and other trail landowners) in regard to trail conditions. This program works best with on the ground community support, so we are asking for your feedback as you’re out recreating.

While out on the trails some things to look for:

  • Trail Braiding
  • Cut Switchbacks
  • Poor drainage
  • Heavy Brush
  • Deadfall

Check out this PDF for a more detailed explanation of maintenance concerns: Telluride Trail Maintenance

If you encounter any of these issues while recreating around the Telluride region, please email the following information to telluridemountainclub@gmail.com, get in touch on IG or Facebook.

  1. Trail name: What trail is the issue located on?
  2. Location on the trail: Please identify how many miles in the issue you are reporting is (and from which trailhead). Alternatively, feel free to send us the GPS coordinates. You can figure out coordinates on many cell phone applications.
  3. What’s the problem: Please help by letting us know what the problem is. Are there downed trees? Is there a rock in the middle of the trail? How many trees are there? How big are they? As much information as you can provide is best for us.
  4. Pictures are awesome: If you can snap a picture of the problem, that is icing on the cake.

Once we hear of trail maintenance needs, we’ll dispatch our trail maintenance person or coordinate with the proper landowner and let you know when the issue has been resolved. We need YOU to make this program work best.

Thank you for your help!

Happy trails!


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  • John Wontrobski says:

    Just rode Wilson Mesa trail today (5/17/20) from Sunshine Mesa to CR 622 and clear, except for 8-10 downed trees- it’s ready for a chainsaw run.

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