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Help preserve and protect Telluride’s unique Via Ferrata route.

In 2019, the Telluride Mountain Club helped coordinate the establishment of Telluride’s Via Ferrata Sustainability Fund to help preserve and protect Telluride’s unique Via Ferrata route.

This fund has been set up to help protect Telluride’s unique via ferrata well into the future and preserve its free access to the public. As friends of the via ferrata, local guide companies have accepted a role in route stewardship and have generously agreed to help cover costs associated with engineering, analysis, reporting, and more. In an effort to help keep the via ferrata open for the long-term future, partner guide services have added a $10 per person donation allowance that will go directly to the Via Ferrata Sustainability Fund. You can donate to the VFSF here. We can’t thank you enough for your help and support of this special route in the San Juan Mountains.

Our Partner Guide Services Include:

The $10 contribution of guests of the above guide services will go towards:

Hardware upgrades and replacements | Route maintenance | Signage | Engineering analysis and reports | Equipment and supplies | Mapping and GPS data | Labor coordination | And more

Hardware upgrades and replacements as well route maintenance are being executed by volunteers and the partner guide services. We can’t thank the guide services enough for their help and support of this fund!

Would you like to individually contribute to Telluride’s Via Ferrata Sustainability Fund? Visit our donation page, or email us directly at telluridemountainclub@gmail.com.

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