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Yep, spring has arrived. Here are some updates and reminders in regards to our regional trails.


  • Please adhere to season trail closures, they are closed for a reason.
  • Please avoid utilizing trails this spring when they are wet and muddy. This creates permanent damage that is costly to fix. The USFS would rather put money towards new trail, not fixing old ones!


Personal Trail Work:

  • Please do not perform your own personal trail work to open your favorite trail this spring. If you are interested in helping the USFS open trails faster, please get in touch with us at telluridemountianclub@gmail.com and we will help you do trail work legally and professionally.
  • If you are a member of TMtC or SMBA, you can work on trails via our Voluntary Service Agreements with the USFS, we just need to give you national trail standards so your personal contributions are effective and long-term. We also need to know what you are working on and your progress, so we don’t send others out to do the same work.


Trail Openings:

  • We will notify the public of trail openings as we are let aware this spring.
  • Currently open: Thunder Trails
  • Currently on the radar/working to open: Galloping Goose, Whipple, Eider, more Norwood trails


Trail Issues/Maintenance Needed:

  • When you are out utilizing the trails this spring and summer, please let us know if you see or come across trail maintenance issues (i.e. downed trees) so that we can help get people on the issues.
  • If you see something that needs attention, please send an email to telluridemountainclub@gmail.com.


Happy trails!

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