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2010-2014 Re-opened Gold Hill

Successfully re-opened access to the ski area’s Gold Hill backcountry access gates into Bear Creek. We worked with San Miguel County, USFS, the Town of Telluride and others to regain access to this popular backcountry skiing terrain. In 2010, the gates were closed by the ski area and USFS in reaction to a private mining claim owner’s request. This owner also requested closure of the Wasatch Trail through their property, one of Telluride’s most popular summer hikes and an official USFS trail. In spring of 2011, we persuaded the USFS to open an access gate on Palmyra Peak into upper Bear Creek, and in the spring of 2014 all other access gates into Bear Creek were officially reinstated. This process was very complicated and time-consuming.

(From the “Our Accomplishments” timeline on our About page.)

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