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Indoor Climbing Gym

2020-2021 Info

The adult indoor climbing gym is closed until further notice.


The indoor climbing gym is located at the Telluride Intermediate School (717 West Colorado Avenue) and offers roped climbs and rated bouldering problems. Difficulty of bouldering problems is beginner to advanced, and routes are typically changed during the season by experienced route setters. Please use the entrance two doors to the right of the Palm Theater doors to access the climbing gym this winter.

Users of the indoor climbing gym must be at least 14 years of age. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian the entire time they are climbing.

Climbers must provide their own equipment. All users of the climbing gym must sign a liability release prior to using the gym. Visitors may pay at the door or online here.

Admission is $10 per night, or climbers may purchase a pass.
TMtC Member 10-punch pass is $75, Non-member 10-punch pass is $90
TMtC Member season pass is $170, Non-member season pass is $200*
*A Season Pass is valid December 1 through April 5 every night the gym is open


Climbing Gym Calendar


What’s New?

The Indoor Climbing Gym has a new addition meant to help the Telluride Mountain Club’s adult climbing community train and progress their skills in the indoor climbing arena, a new Tension Board. Built over the course of the 2018 Winter and installed during the Spring of 2019 under the direction and fundraising efforts of the Telluride Mountain Club (TMtC) and the Telluride High School (THS) Climbing Team, students and community members alike are thrilled to utilize this popular new tool in climbing training, meant to improve overall strength and endurance of its users, through a wide variety of circuits made available on an angled bouldering wall that lights up.

A Tension Board is a super steep training board. The Tension Board installed is 8ft x 12ft and set at a variable angle of from 25 degrees to 55 degrees in steepness. There are hundreds of handcrafted wooden hand and foot holds attached to the Board in a mirrored arrangement – the left side is the exact opposite of the right side. The mirrored feature allows a climber to do a climbing route –  or in this case, a “bouldering problem” (a series of climbing holds ranging in difficulty that are meant to be followed vertically in a certain pattern for the climber to complete without falling), and then repeat the problem in the opposite arrangement, allowing for a more balanced approach to climbing training. The Tension Board comes with a software application that delineates problems of various difficulties from Beginner to Expert level, and for Strength or Endurance training. The climbing holds are arranged in a specific grid pattern on the Board, and the App denotes which holds are to be used for each problem. There are over 15,000 problems available on the App and more are being added all the time.


The Indoor Climbing Gym is a service provided to the community through the Telluride Mountain Club with monetary support from CCAASE. We’d also like to thanks to all of our members for making it possible for us to do what we do! Telluride Mountain Club is happy to run the ADULT community climbing wall program. Please no kids. If you are looking for kid’s programs, please visit the Telluride Academy’s website from programs here.

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  • saw that yall have some indoor climbing. Whats the address and are you open every night. I am in and out of town town working and want to fill my evenings training. Let me know all the infor you got please.

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