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Please be sensitive to parking regulations, trailheads, private property and access issues when recreating outdoors this winter.

Ophir Parking

The TMtC has been working with the Town of Ophir to come up with a parking solution for the east end of the Ophir Valley. We are pleased to announce that parking is available at the Ute Memorial in East Ophir for day use. The Town of Ophir does ask that visitors use the West Ophir parking (in front of the maintenance barn) on all plow days. Plowing in Ophir is challenging and we ask that backcountry users respect the Town’s needs to plow on snow days. If the Ute area is full, please do not park on the street in East Ophir, instead fall back to the West Ophir parking area. The Ute memorial is at the edge of East Ophir before you turn left and go uphill. THIS LOCATION IS ON THE EDGE OF THE SPRING GULCH AVALANCHE PATH. PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Sunnyside Ranch Parking

There is no legal parking on the roads in Sunnyside Ranch or Aldasoro Ranch.

Sheep Chute/Mega Bowl Egress

It is very important to note that the valley floor egress of the Sheep Chute/Mega Bowl ski tours is private property. At this point we need to ask people to avoid the valley floor altogether.

This can be achieved by using the Hope Lake trail for ascent and forego the final pitch to the valley floor on the descent and head left into the woods. You can ski the dense woods back to the railroad grade and parking area. It’s definitely not sweet to lose the last pitch of skiing, but it will show the owners of the property that we respect their wish for privacy. Ignoring their wishes will only work against us. Please spread the word.

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