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Telluride Mountain Club members Nate and Ashley Smith took a little day trip to Paradox, Colorado to do a little fall climbing. Paradox is located in Montrose County, just 80 miles from Telluride (approx. 1 hour, 45 minute drive). October and November are popular climbing times for climbing in Paradox. Looking for a great book to help you navigate this area this fall? Try Charlie Fowler’s guidebook, The Wild Wild West.

Getting There:
Approach from the south through the Telluride area on CO 145 northwest to Naturita and then continue west on CO 90.

Here are some photos from the Smith’s weekend trip, taken October 11, 2014:

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  • Hello all! As many of you know the Wild Wild West climbing guide is out of print–and I have no plans on re-printing (way to expensive these days). That said, I have exported the majority of the guide in JPEG format and uploaded it to http://adventureswithnomad2015.blogspot.com/

    There are many new routes which are not in the original publication (there are entire new areas). I will try to, at some point, provide digital updates. My only request is that you respect the rock and the delicate habits–AND PLEASE DONT CLIMB IN THIS ROCK WHEN IT IS WET! Leave all gates like you find them. Please don’t establish new routes in proximity to petroglyphs–keep a respectful distance. Ok, I’m done…have fun out there!

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