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Telluride Backcountry Radio Information

The Peter Inglis Avalanche Education Fund and Telluride Mountain Club have been working closely with local entities to increase awareness of the use of radios in backcountry terrain in order to create a safer environment. Below you will find information on radio use and radio channels for specific ski zones. Please note, if you are involved in an incident and need rescue, please call 911 to arrange, do not solely rely on using your radio for communication.

Regular Group Monitoring Channels-

Lower Bear Creek: 1-0 – Channel A
Upper Bear Creek: 5-10 – Channel B
Wasatch: 4-20 – Channel C
Ophir Channel: 8-10 – Channel D
Rescue Channel (when a rescue is underway): 9-11 – Channel E
(Channels are associated with the BCA preset channels)

These channels are intended for groups to monitor prior to dropping in on terrain, while in terrain and if groups come across hazards, avalanches, incidents, etc. while in the terrain. These radio channels are not to be used in the case of an emergency. Please call 911 directly if you need rescue.

If your group is intending to chat a lot about snow conditions, safety locations, etc., please use an alternative channel and report back to the group channels when appropriate.

Intended Uses & Radio Protocols:

  • The way for Bear Creek and Ophir riders to communicate with people within their party and more importantly communicate with potential groups below and above you and your group. 
  • To send a distress call to your group and other parties to aid in self rescue and to alert of potential threatening avalanche hazards. 
  • To ask for someone to call 911 to mount an organized rescue, when 911 can’t be reached directly on your own.


Radio Communication between you and your group

  • Radio communication between partners at areas of safety
  • Radio communication regarding potential hazards, snow and avalanche information
  • Radio communication when you and your group are clear of a given line or area
  • General communication


Radio Communication between multiple groups

  • Route selection and timing to avoid riding directly above other groups
  • Radio communication regarding potential hazards, snow and avalanche information
  • Radio communication when your group is clear of a given line or area, alerting other groups of a clear run-out zone
  • General communication


Backcountry Access radios are available for purchase at Jagged Edge Mountain Gear in Telluride. Telluride Mountain Club members receive a 30% discount on the radios. Become a member here. Backcountry Access radios are also available for rent at Jagged Edge Mountain Gear, free of charge thanks to the Peter Inglis Avalanche Education Fund. Read more here.

Good Reads:

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If you have feedback on the backcountry radio program in Telluride, please email telluridemountainclub@gmail.com.

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