State of the Art in Avalanche Rescue with Manuel Genswein

Join the Peter Inglis Avalanche Education Fund for an Evening with Manuel Genswein.

Genswein will be chatting about the state of the art in avalanche rescue techniques. Manuel is a gadfly in the avalanche community and he has insights and opinions on all aspects of avalanche rescue from equipment to techniques to incident management.

Monday, March 6
6:30 PM
Jagged Edge Mountain Gear
Free Beer
Bring Your Own Camp Chair

Manuel Genswein is a native of the Swiss Alps who lives in Meilen and has done snow-safety work in 29 countries. Using an electronic engineering background, he has also developed rescue products and techniques that have been applied around the world. He invented the Easy Searcher avalanche beacon training device used at many ski resorts around the world. He also developed the V-shaped conveyor-belt shoveling approach and the optimized search strategy for multiple burials. Learn more about Manuel Genswein and his initiatives here.


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