TMC Winter Film Night + Jumbo Wild

Telluride Mountain Club has joined forces with Patagonia Telluride and Jagged Edge Mountain Gear to host the 2016 Winter Fundraising Film Night on Thursday, February 4th at the Sheridan Opera House.

We will be hosting three short films in addition to the main event, Jumbo Wild. Dale Atkins, snow safety professional, will also be on hand to talk briefly about uncertainty in the backcountry and his event the following day at Patagonia Telluride. It’s going to be a great night, we hope you can join us! Continue reading

Hiking Wilson Peak

Trip Report: Hiking Wilson Peak via the Rock of Ages Trail

Getting to the trail head: From Telluride, head towards Placerville and take a left on Silver Pick Road. Head up the road roughly four miles and take a right onto the 622 Road, take this road (and stay right at the fork) to the Rock of Ages Trail Head.
Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 5.04.57 PM

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Jud Wiebe Trash Camp Clean-up Scheduled

Join your community to help clean a trash-filled camp near the Jud Wiebe trail.

Meet this Saturday, May 30 or Sunday, May 31 at 9:00AM at the top of North Aspen Street for orientation. 
There will be a additional orientations and cleanup the following weekend, June 6th & 7th.

In order to help, you must be present at the orientation on Saturday or Sunday morning.
Join us and enjoy a day of making your national forest and your community a better, cleaner place. Harold Wondsel has been working hard on getting everything together and we are happy to report that a helicopter will be helping with the clean-up efforts. We will have 2 full weekends to bag and gather all the trash to a staging area. On June 11th a helicopter will come in and extract the bagged trash from the site.

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2015-2016 Backcountry Gear Preview

Let’s face it, we all love gear. Whether you are a climber, a skier, a runner, a hiker, you get the picture… we like new gear. Here is a round-up of our four favorite hot new backcountry ski gear items for next winter as seen at this year’s SIA Snow Show.

Atomic Backland Boot

The Atomic Backland Boot series takes uphill travel seriously. Boot features to note: heat mold liner, removable tongue, easy ski-walk mode, 98mm last, has insane cuff movement & is super lightweight (the Backland Carbon weighs 1161 grams and has 74 degrees of cuff movement).

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January 8th Backcountry Update

A reminder to stay safe! A ‘Moderate’ snowpack is no joke. Learn from the latest backcountry mishaps to make smart, safe decisions.

This past week we have seen the temperatures rise and more ski tracks in the backcountry. There was an avalanche in Bear Creek on January 2nd in which a snowboarder was caught, but luckily came out unscathed. On January 6th, a skier was caught and killed in an avalanche on Kendall Mountain just above Silverton, Colorado.

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via ferrata hilaryThe Via Ferrata route seems to be in prime condition with no serious damage from the winter to speak of. Now is a good time for a quiet lap and of course, to brush up on the basics:

  1. BEWARE OF KNOCKING ROCKS OFF THE TRAIL: There are several areas on this route that traverse above popular rock climbing routes far below.
  2. USE A DYNAMIC SAFETY DEVICE specifically designed for Via Ferrata.
  3. WEAR A HELMET: You are below a huge alpine mountainside. Even a marble-sized rock could ruin your whole day, or worse.
  4. CHOOSE THE RIGHT PARTNERS: This climbing route is not appropriate for small children, very short adults, or people who don’t enjoy heights and exposure.
  5. And don’t even think about bringing your dog.
  6. WATCH THE WEATHER: There are no options for escape off of this route and getting caught in a lightning storm up there is a bad idea. Rain also increases natural rockfall.
  7. BRING A HEADLAMP if you think there is any chance of being up there in the dark. A small stumble in the dark would likely have fatal consequences.
  8. LET OTHERS KNOW where you are going and when you plan to return.
  9. RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY: We advocate starting at Ingram Creek for an out-and-back adventure from east to west and back. This avoids potentially crossing private property on the route’s western edge.

If you have anything to report about the route, such as loose holds, maintenance concerns, changes in the route or other info, please Contact Us.

The Telluride Mountain Club encourages safe and responsible enjoyment of this climbing route.Have fun, be safe, and responsibly enjoy your alpine lands!

Skill Building: How to use the Indoor Wall


FREE to members, $5 non-members (unless otherwise notes)

Thursday, February 6: The Telluride Club Presents HOW TO USE THE INDOOR WALL TO TRAIN: Dave Chew, AMGA, will share his tricks on how to use an artificial climbing wall to get strong. Chew will cover warm up routines, strength building exercises, and ways to make our (small) wall go further. Continue reading