TMtC Trail Proposals Ranking Feedback


In the fall of 2015, the Telluride Mountain Club (TMtC) initiated the Telluride Regional Trails System Vision Survey. We collected nearly 400 responses from locals, second homeowners and visitors regarding their vision for the future of Telluride’s trails. Over the course of the past two years, TMtC has analyzed these results to put together a trails plan for our region. Continue reading

Advanced Backcountry Companion Rescue Course

The Peter Inglis Avalanche Education Fund is proud to announce sponsorship of the Advanced Backcountry Companion Rescue Course being put on by Mountain Trip on Saturday, February 25th. The PI Fund is underwriting the course in order to keep participant entry at a low cost.

This course is designed for competent, frequently traveled backcountry users to increase their skill set in the backcountry. This is an opportunity for YOU to help make Telluride the model for a highly skilled backcountry community. Continue reading

Parking Regulations, Trailheads & Private Property Issues

Please be sensitive to parking regulations, trailheads, private property and access issues when recreating outdoors this winter.

Ophir Parking

The TMtC has been working with the Town of Ophir to come up with a parking solution for the east end of the Ophir Valley. We are pleased to announce that parking is available at the Ute Memorial in East Ophir for day use. The Town of Ophir does ask that visitors use the West Ophir parking (in front of the maintenance barn) on all plow days. Plowing in Ophir is challenging and we ask that backcountry users respect the Town’s needs to plow on snow days. If the Ute area is full, please do not park on the street in East Ophir, instead fall back to the West Ophir parking area. The Ute memorial is at the edge of East Ophir before you turn left and go uphill. THIS LOCATION IS ON THE EDGE OF THE SPRING GULCH AVALANCHE PATH. PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK. Continue reading

2016-2017 Backcountry Radio Program

Telluride Backcountry Radio Information

In recent years, the Telluride Mountain Club has been working closely with local entities to increase awareness of the use of radios in backcountry terrain in order to create a safer environment. Below you will find information on radio use and radio channels for specific ski zones. Please note, if you are involved in an incident and need rescue, please call 911 to arrange, do not solely rely on using your radio for communication.

Group Monitoring Channels-

Lower Bear Creek: 1-0 – Channel A
Upper Bear Creek: 5-10 – Channel B
Wasatch: 4-20 – Channel C
Ophir Channel: 8-10 – Channel D
Rescue Channel (when a rescue is underway): 9-11 – Channel E
(Channels are associated with the BCA preset channels) Continue reading

Backcountry Radios ISSW Paper

This fall, at the International Snow Science Workshop, Backcountry Access’ Bruce Edgerly and Telluride’s Matt Steen presented their White Paper on utilizing common radio channels in high-use avalanche terrain.

The paper uses data collected by the Telluride Mountain Club in the spring of 2016. Thanks to everyone who supplied information during our backcountry radios survey. Additionally, a big thanks to everyone who uses radios in the backcountry, progressing safety in our regional terrain. TMtC would also like to thank the team at Jagged Edge Mountain Gear for suppling radios to our members at a discount and Backcountry Access for contributing to the white paper.

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Proposed East Bear Creek Trail


*Update: 9/26/16 – The USFS has a made a decision to approve the Bear Creek Trail Connection.*

The USFS in conjunction with the Town of Telluride are proposing a new trail in Bear Creek. Please see the official press release and map below. If you have a strong opinion about this trail, comments need to be submitted by September 16, 2016. Comments can be delivered to the Norwood Ranger District as follows: Norwood Ranger District, 1150 Forest Street, Norwood, Colorado 81423; Email:; and/or Fax: 970-327-4854. Oral comments can be made by calling the Norwood Ranger District office at Ph. 970-327-4261.  Continue reading

BCA Radio

Backcountry Radios Feedback & Survey

The Telluride Mountain Club is seeking information on the use and likability of radios in the backcountry.

Take the survey now!

We are seeking your feedback on the backcountry radio program to help develop ways to improve use in the future. Additionally, Matt Steen (snow-safety professional) and Backcountry Access are seeking information for an International Snow Science Workshop research paper.

The survey is intended to understand how radios are (or are not) working, the complications and the successes. If you have a story that might be beneficial for us to hear, please email it to with subject line- Backcountry Radios.

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Peter Inglis, the Telluride Mountain Club, and the Gold Hill Backcountry Access Gates

Pete Inglis, the Telluride Mountain Club, And the Gold Hill Backcountry Access Gates

Words by Steve Johnson

Back in the 1980s, while employed as a ski patroller for the Telluride Ski & Golf Club, Pete Inglis realized the need for public education concerning avalanche hazard within and around the Telluride ski area and the San Juan Mountains as a whole. So Pete formed the Telluride Mountain Club around 1986, which had an initial focus on local avalanche education classes. Pete was appointed as the Telluride Mountain Club’s first president and began running avalanche education seminars for local skiers.

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2015-2016 Backcountry Gear Preview

Let’s face it, we all love gear. Whether you are a climber, a skier, a runner, a hiker, you get the picture… we like new gear. Here is a round-up of our four favorite hot new backcountry ski gear items for next winter as seen at this year’s SIA Snow Show.

Atomic Backland Boot

The Atomic Backland Boot series takes uphill travel seriously. Boot features to note: heat mold liner, removable tongue, easy ski-walk mode, 98mm last, has insane cuff movement & is super lightweight (the Backland Carbon weighs 1161 grams and has 74 degrees of cuff movement).

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