Advanced Backcountry Companion Rescue Course

The Peter Inglis Avalanche Education Fund is proud to announce sponsorship of the Advanced Backcountry Companion Rescue Course being put on by Mountain Trip on Saturday, February 25th. The PI Fund is underwriting the course in order to keep participant entry at a low cost.

This course is designed for competent, frequently traveled backcountry users to increase their skill set in the backcountry. This is an opportunity for YOU to help make Telluride the model for a highly skilled backcountry community.

Advanced Backcountry Companion Rescue Course
Saturday, February 25
Time: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Registration link:
Cost Per Participant: $50 (limited space for 15 participants, sign up now)

Course Description:

Course Goal: Provide an advanced avalanche companion rescue training course to the local Telluride backcountry community. And, to raise the level of competence of our core community of backcountry skiers/boarders in the event they are involved in avalanche rescue situation.

The course will review single beacon search, introduce advanced beacon search techniques for multiple burials, and alternative search strategies for complex search situations. Participants will practice probing and “strategic shoveling” to help make you a more efficient rescuer.

The course will also cover patient treatment and evacuation plans. The day will culminate with a rescue scenario where participants will have the opportunity to put all of their new skills to use.

Participants should be experienced backcountry skiers/boarders in the Telluride community with a Level 1 avalanche certification or equivalent backcountry experience. Participants should provide all of their own equipment including beacon, shove, probe and backcountry travel gear.

One of the reasons we have chosen to put on this course is because of it’s success in real-life scenarios. Read more about that here.

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